Kia ora.
This is a short survey to help improve the way we deliver future Hui-Ā-Iwi.   Your feedback is confidential and very much appreciated.  
Ngā mihi
How did you hear about Hui-Ā-Iwi? *

Which Ngāpuhi Hui-Ā-Iwi did you attend? *

How satisfied were you with the presentations? *

How satisfied were you with the kai/catering? *

Did you visit the information area? *

This includes the area at the Hui with iwi registration staff, information and brochures, kakahu etc
Should Hui-Ā-Iwi be hosted in other towns/cities, if so, where? *

In 2017, Hui-Ā-Iwi were hosted in Kaikohe, Auckland and Whangarei.
What else would you like to hear/discuss at Hui-Ā-Iwi? *

Which is the best time of year to host Hui-Ā-Iwi? *

Which is the best day to host Hui-Ā-Iwi? *

Overall, how would you rate the Hui-Ā-Iwi you attended? *

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